Text Bands for Kids

Text Bands for Kids

A new technology of sending texts form one wristband to another wristband is a great success of this July. Kids like this text bands very much since they are very eager to share feelings with their friends, sending their nick names, simple phrases and everything. But it is limited that people can send only 10 characters from their wristbands.

Text WristBands
There are three buttons in the text bands and there is no keyboard, touch screen facility and voice access. Kids have to enter their feelings by these three buttons and the delivery of the message is happened by hand shaking and high-five. Its cost is very cheaper than a mobile phone. Its cost is up to 15 dollars ($15).
Wristbands Text
It encourages the children a lot because of its short form usage. If they want to share silly words with their friends having this text bands, they have to wear this bands and send a message then they have to shake their hands, after a minute the wristbands light glows and the message will be transfer form one band to another.

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