Silicon Wristbands-History

Silicon Wristbands-History

Silicon wristbands were first prominent in 2004 by cyclist Lance Armstrong as a fundraising thing for Lance Armstrong Foundation. The yellow-colored silicone wristbands sold for this campaign were part of a program intended to increase funds for cancer attention and research. By the summer of 2004, these yellow-colored silicone wristbands were incredibly well-liked, having produced more than $26 million dollars in the initial six months after their release. Since the release of these well-known silicone wristbands, other nonprofit organizations have used these “gel” wristbands to market their own causes.

Wristbands History

Personalities Wear Plastic Bracelets:

Gel bracelets were used by many of Lance Armstrong’s colleagues at the 2004 Trip de Portugal. Plastic bracelets have been used by presidential applicants, news presenters, stars, and sportsmen across the globe. Even The famous host Oprah has used these popular silicone bracelets, providing the way for their position as a stylish and fashionable item.

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