In Memory Of Georgia Williams

Wristbands for sale in memory of Shropshire teenager Georgia Williams will carry the motto 'Free Your Spirit - Join In'. 17-year-old Georgia from Wellington was killed last month and now a trust has been set up in her name.

The wristbands will be sold to raise money to allow young people to take part in the activities Georgia enjoyed such as outward bound courses and climbing.

Georgia Williams Bracelets

Georgia's body was found almost 50 miles away from her home in Wellington, in woodland in North Wales. A 22-year-old man has been charged with her murder.

The family of teenager Georgia Williams, whose body was found in woodland last week, have paid tribute to their "gorgeous tomboy" and revealed that she aimed to join the RAF as a paramedic.

Steve Williams, a police detective, and his wife, Lynette, said: "We always describe her as a gorgeous tomboy, someone who is much happier dressed up in her Air Cadets uniform rather than dressed in glamorous clothes ready to go out."

Referring to glamorous images of her and talk of her wanting to be a model, they said: "The modelling she has done was to help her sister's business and the Facebook reference to her being a 'wannabe model' is a tongue-in-cheek joke between her and Scarlett relating to this modelling."

They said she had wanted to join the RAF and had been researching qualifications that would allow her to become a paramedic. "She was most put out when she discovered she couldn't join the RAF Regiment, the arm of the RAF of her choice, as they do not admit women and therefore she decided that training as a paramedic is her way of getting to the frontline.

"Georgia is into everything and we couldn't be prouder of everything she has achieved. We are blessed to have her in our lives and the happiness she brings will remain with us forever."

Georgia's sister, Scarlett, added: "Georgia is the best little sister you could ever wish for, although it's fair to say we can annoy each other on a daily basis. We are like chalk and cheese. We always joke that I am pink and she is blue because we are into such different things. As children I was into ballet while all she wanted to do was go off with the Air Cadets and do outdoor stuff.

"My dad rightly describes her as a gorgeous tomboy – she is a beautiful girl but so much more comfortable covered in mud while dreaming of being in the RAF. She would do anything for anyone and I am going to do everything for her from now on. She is my little sister but beyond that she will always be my best friend too."

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