Regatta Races Been Cancelled, But No Refunds For The Entry Wristbands

The rain this past weekend caused the first ever cancellation of the Governor’s Cup powerboat races at the Madison Regatta.

Even though there were no races, folks who bought tickets will not be getting refunds. Regatta Vice President Tim Torrance tells WDRB-TV that providing refunds of the $25 wristbands would have left the event with no money for next year's festival.

“The biggest part of our income comes from the sale of wristbands. If we started giving refunds, we would essentially go in the hole and there would be no more Madison Regatta and certainly no one wants that,” Torrance told the television station.

There is talk that this year’s wristbands could be honored for next year’s Madison Regatta, although no decision has been made by the regatta’s executive board. That could come later this week.

The race was cancelled because the Ohio River was too high and had too much debris. Pit areas for the powerboats had also become flooded.

“We had held out hope these past three days that the rain east of here would subside and the river levels would fall,” said Sam Cole, Chairman of H1 Unlimited. “We had created contingency plans for launching the boats but the rising water wouldn’t allow for any other option.”

Racing would have been possible with the river at 29 feet, but the water rose 10 feet Sunday instead of receding, an H1 Unlimited referee said.

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