Cold Play Concert Wristbands

The good news for Coldplay ?is that their most recent world tour made them more than £35million.

The not-so-good news is that they’d be another £5.5million better off if they hadn’t splashed out quite so much on accommodation, food, drink and handing out free wristbands to fans.

According to the latest financial reports, the sell-out Mylo Xyloto tour, which kicked off in Madrid in October 2011 and wound up in New York in December 2012, generated a massive surge in profits for the lads.

With a huge increase of cash in the bank, and net cashflow up £10million from £7million in 2012, Chris Martin, Johnny Buckland, Will Champion?? and Guy Berryman have had a pretty good time of it recently.

They may, however, rue the day they decided to hand out xylobands – the dayglo numbers which change colour in time to the music – to every gig-goer. These little beauties, made by a Devon-based outfit, cost the quartet a cool £4.22million.

They also forked out a further £1.1million on “set costs” – making the stage look pretty.

In addition, the hungry boys shelled out almost £1million (£954k) on “subsistence and hotels”, plus a further £100,000 on catering.

Says a source close to the group: “There may have been high costs involved but other bands should take a look at these accounts and take note.

“With this tour, Coldplay were determined to put their fans first and give something back.

“That meant no expense spared on set design, pyrotechnics, lighting as well as giving out the high-tech £3 wristbands, which became a massive part of the gigs.

“If fans are paying £50 for a ticket, they are entitled to a good show and a spectacle. It’s no longer enough to jump around on stage, looking pretty.” Are you reading this, The Wanted, One Direction, et al?

The Companies House records – filed by the band’s partnership Headlong Tours and covering the financial year to March 2013 – note in minute detail Coldplay’s world arena dates.

I saw the boys, this week nominated for a Golden Globe for their Hunger Games: Catching Fire number Atlas, in Madrid and, yes, they really do put on a great show.

Despite the expenditure, the Yellow singers recorded gross earnings of £35million (up from £22million) and once all the bills had been settled, made a pre-tax profit of £14million.

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