Concert Wristband

Sip Safe is possibly the most important wristband you'll wear at a gig.

Always keep an eye on your drink. Watch out for strangers. Be careful who you leave your glass with.

But now an Australian invention could change that.

The Sip Safe is a wristband designed for concerts and festivals that lets you test for drugs in your drink. Dab a drop of your drink onto the two spots on the band, wait two minutes till the liquid dries, and if the spots turn darker blue, that's a sign that your drink could have been spiked.

we've seen drug-testing drinkware, sensors that look like swizzle sticks and even nail polish that tests for date-rape drugs.

It's the brainchild of Australian creative agency Y&R ANZ and was launched in conjunction with Monash University residential colleges in Melbourne, Australia. 

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