Maintain party crowd in check with 24 hours wristbands

Maintain party crowd in check with 24 hours wristbands

When it comes to working with crowds, it is helpful to keep track of different groups. Especially for those in the bar industry, paper wristbands are a regular staple for patrons, keeping track of who has paid a cover charge and who has not. Also popular is the tagging of underage customers versus those who are of legal drinking age. In hot, steamy atmospheres, such as a crowded club where patrons are drinking and dancing the night away, tyvek wristbands are popular. These are more durable than paper and absorb moisture better, although they cost more to manufacture and buy.

Keeping track of people with tyvek or paper wristbands is quick and easy. Bar patrons are so accustomed to wearing them, they do not think of themselves as being "tagged," but consider the band a normal part of being in the party crowd, almost like a badge of honor. Those that go bar hopping like to have an armful of wristbands by the end of the night to boast their ability to party hard, have fun and remain standing when it's all over.

For merchants, the wristband is a necessary tool that helps keep them out of trouble with Alcohol Beverage Control boards, police and overzealous politicians. By checking all patrons for proper identification and limiting the sale of alcohol to only those legally allowed to drink it, businesses are able to distinguish which customers should be wearing one color wristband versus another.

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For venues that don't serve alcohol or only admit those old enough to do so, paper wristbands are still important. When there is a lot of activity, those that must pay an entrance fee to participate, such as a roller skating rink or concert, it is difficult for workers at the door to keep track of who has paid and what rights or privileges they have paid for upon entry. By giving patrons different colored wristbands to wear, it is very simple to see who can come in and out and at what level they may participate.

One alternative to wristbands is the rubber stamp. Although this is a nice idea because it is less expensive, stamps and ink are too easy to alter and the purpose of using them is often defeated. For example, underage patrons often visit the restroom with another, older patron, wash off the first stamp with soap and water, then get the fresh print off of the other person's hand by rubbing them together. Another trick used by minors is bringing along a black ink marker and coloring over the other stamp, making it look as if they have the proper stamp. While hand stamps are becoming more complicated to tamper with, the lengths people will go to to beat the system are more complicated as well.

Ink can work against a paid patron, as well. For those who rock hard and get sweaty on the dance floor, it doesn't take much to accidentally wipe off their hand stamp. Then it appears they have not paid and may be asked to leave, causing potential for unhappy customers.

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