Special Wristbands Prevent Effects of UV Rays

Special Wristbands Prevent Effects of UV Rays

In New York Orchard Park, There is a new method of providing free UV wristbands by the Health department, New York State. This UV wristband is an idea to help the kids of summer camps on sun heat and UV rays.

UV Wristbands 
These wristbands used by the kids are initially white in color after some hours its color turns to dark to indicate that the heat of the sun and the effect of the UV rays and also to alert the champers to re-apply the sunscreen.
This UV wristband is a great success with the NY summer champers.

UV protection Wristbands

"We can observe the heat of sun and the strength the children are getting with the way this bracelet performs," said Orchard Recreation Director.
"It changes shades, so if need to we can take the children away from the sun heat or inside your home and observe the sun protection.”
This kind of Wristband will be available for one week.

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