Wristbands To Stand Against Badger Kills

WRISTBANDS calling on the Government to stop culling badgers are being sold by a Webheath resident in a bid to spread the message.

Shari Black Velvet, who creates the quarterly Black Velvet magazine, has already sold nearly 100 Stop The Cull bands, with 50p from each going to the Badger Trust.

The campaigner who has avoided meat and milk for more than 20 years said she had been inspired, having previously sold Save A Scream Against All Animal Cruelty wristbands, after joining the national London Against The Cull march earlier this year.

“I’m obviously against the badger cull as it’s cruel and inhumane, plus evidence has shown that killing badgers won’t get rid of TB.

“It is a pointless exercise that won’t cure cows of the disease. Vaccination would be a much better option. I also personally think it’s time farmers progressed. These days you can buy soya, almond, rice and coconut milk - why do farmers need to use and abuse cows for cow’s milk?”

She added huge advances had been made in technology over the past 25 years but dairy farmers were still ‘stuck in the dark ages’.

“Why can’t farmers progress and sell new, healthier, cruelty-free products rather than being so stagnant and stuck in old-fashioned food production methods?

“Farmers wouldn’t have to worry about their profits if they didn’t abuse cows. If they grew soya or rice and made milk that way, they wouldn’t need to worry about TB.”

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