Coolest Wristbands For Teenage Girls


Jewelbots are programmable plastic flowers bracelets made for middle-school girls. It is used as a friendships bracelets which teach girls to code. the Jewelbot is a semi-translparent plastic flower charm that slides onto a hair tie or hand–like elastic bracelet.The charms talk to each other over the Bluetooth.The youngsters can program their charms by using a Jewelbots smartphone app,to vibrate or light up when their friends are nearby. 

The Jewelbots is a way to unite fashion and function but a typical smartwatch, fashion and function are separate. The watch may look nice, and it may be useful, but these two concerns are not in this but In Jewelbots, the functionality enhances the fashion. A Jewelbot is the rare wearable one which becomes prettier when it’s working. The glowing charm lets you know a friend is nearby and also makes visible to those around you.

This is less expensive than most other wearable.Mostly the teenage girls use this for friendship and communication.Using the Jewelbots smartphone app, a girl can assign one of eight different colors to her friend. When they’re nearby, both of their charms light up that color and also they can assign other colors to other friends.if they’re hanging out from a group, all their Jewelbots bangles turn into pulsing rainbow color. The Jewelbots stay connected through a Bluetooth mesh network, and independent with Wi-Fi or cell towers.

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