Vivosmart Wristband With Smart Notifications


The Vivosmart wristband is designed to give the notifications to a person who really needs during an active day. It has a simple tap of the watch and screen, a person will be able to see text notifications, the amount of steps that they have taken, calories burned, and time elapse and current time. The great thing with the Vivosmart is that it has a battery life of up to seven days before it needs to be recharged.

Here you can be able to keep track of your fitness and training goals and progress. The Vivosmart has a touchscreen and also has the smart notifications to warn you when you are working more enough and even when you are training too hard. All of the heart monitoring and sleep monitoring sensors and technology are there and also It has BlueTooth accessibility.

The black Vivosmart wristband is understated yet chic, becoming slightly thicker by the OLED screen. It is designrdwith rubber clasp is slightly cumbersome, and one end is garnished with a silvery. If you don't want an all-black wristband, you can personalize the Vivosmart by choosing an underside color of mauve, violet, dusty blue or gray.

The Vivosmart has the double-tap the 1.35 x 0.14-inch, 128 x 16 resolution display to reveal the time and date. This display is easy to view in sunlight.Swiping left or right lets you view notifications, music controls, miles walked, calories burned, step goal, steps taken and the "time to move" bar. This bar keeps track of how long you've been inactive and will remind you to move every once in a while with short, vibrating notifications.It is perfect in indoor environments.

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